Hi, I’m Kenath Moffat

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Click on the covers below to go to a specific gallery of the images in that specific novel. Each novel has an illustration on most chapters. Greyscale in the print version, color in the ebook. The third novel “The Scouring of Refuge” will have a new image added every week. So feel free to return from time to time and check it out. Comment section on those pages if you want to mention a particular illustration you like.

First Published Novel

The Turbulent March is my first published novel. It spans the beginning of Rhunal the she-orc’s adventuring career. Raised as a slave, but trained as an archmage’s apprentice, she escapes during a chaotic break-in of her home. As a means to escape the town, she joins a departing adventuring party desperate for members. Thrown into a quest far beyond her level, she must rely on her experienced human companions and learn the job quickly. And soon she will realize that this once impersonal job will strike closer to her past than she realized.

Second Published Novel

In the sequel, Rhunal and the survivors of the battle of the crypt set out on the road to the town of Refuge. A fierce storm arises from the marsh as if chasing them. Fleeing from the cyclone, they are blown off a cliff into a sunken, ancient forest.
Rhunal faces the storm with her magic, emboldened and strengthened by it. In the end, the storm speaks to her in words she can’t understand and carves unknown words across her arm with magic.
The she-orc is beset by nightmares as they set off across the dark forest. But more physical creatures oppose them as well. They are pursued by a hybrid horned bear, the first Chimera the fledging party has ever encountered. And deeper in lies an ancient manor defended by skeletons with amethyst eyes. Staying away would be the safe choice, but ancient places have rich rewards.

Third Upcoming Novel

The third book has a finished draft. Reaching Refuge at last, Rhunal jumps into battle on the side of a town besieged by headless monsters. The town proves victorious, relying on numbers and tactics over brute strength. The she-orc expresses a desire to join the human town. This desire will trap Rhunal and her human companion Bron into an impossible quest. This time there will be no experienced adventurers to rely on. But Rhunal and Bron have become strong after their adventure in the dark forest.


Kenath Moffat hails from Alberta, Canada. He’s done many jobs in his time, but always had the desire to create new worlds and characters. He’s not going grey yet but, it’s close. He didn’t want to waste any time getting started on a new path. He enjoys creating illustrations in novels. They seem to suit an action-adventure tale such as this one. Thanks for checking out the website.